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Arriving at the capital of Bulgaria one of the most ancient towns in the country.  The greatest boom of the town in Roman times was during the reign of Emperor Constantine the Great (306-337). He used to state his love for the place by often saying, “My Rome is Serdica (Sofia)”. 
After 1194, when the Second Bulgarian Kingdom was established, Sredets marked its next uplift. Bulgarian architecture boomed, churches and monasteries were built.

After the liberation from the Ottoman Yoke and its announcement as the capital, the town grew very fast. It the most significant political, economical, scientific, cultural and educational center in the country. 

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Tour Program

  • Departure from your hotel in Borovets at 12.30pm.

  • A walking tour of the main landmarks of the capital (St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral, National Assembly building, St. Nicholas Russian church, the Royal Palace, the Presidency, St. Petka Church, Roman Rotunda and St. Nedelya Church).

  • Free time + tips on places worth visiting.

  • Departure from Sofia and late afternoon return in Borovets.


49 lv. adult price
25 lv. child price

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