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My name is Nikolai Tsokov. I was born 7 years after the official opening of the Sunny Beach resort and oh man, did my parents love this place with its beautiful sand dunes and endless greenery, that seems to merge with the eastern slopes of Stara Planina Mountain. The first hotels had appeared, the first restaurants, the first attractions. In the centre of the resort in front of the Kuban hotel (which in the 70s was one of the best) there was a restaurant Casino, emblematic of its time. A cosy environment where every customer felt important and different. The building is preserved even today, sheltering more than one restaurant. On the beach in front of this restaurant there were camels, and it was quite an adventure for us the kids to dress up as Arab Sheikhs and to take pictures on top of them! Another big attraction on that time was Robinson Crusoe boat trip, mooring on a deserted island for picnic with lots of animation and games. I visited this place as a child and had the privilege to offer this excursion to my tourists in the 90s.

ресторант казино слънчев бряг

 Sunny Beach with its endless sand dunes and crystal-clear water always led us to the city of Nessebar. A bridge between antiquity and the present days. Nessebar, a love at first sight!

Another favourite place of those years was the restaurant at Bourgas airport – ‘Sarafovo’. Back then Bulgaria was a socialist country, traveling was difficult, and this was my way of reaching out to the world abroad. I watched out the arriving and departing people and pictured myself, that one day somebody will watch me from the same restaurant window.

It was magical and adventurous, exciting and dreamy, I was just a kid!

And as nothing in this world remains the same, so did I and the resort mature. In 1993 I was appointed as a tourist representative of an Irish company. The hotels were the same, but the number of tourists grew. The resort was suffocating due to the lack of beds and an outdated tourist base. The change began in the end of 90s and the beginning of the new century. Hotels were changing their ownership from state to private. The past seemed to be erased with an eraser, giving rise to uncontrolled, ostentatious construction. It was not a wave, but a whole tsunami, and as after every tsunami, the new look of Sunny Beach was born, or as it was already called ‘Slunchaka’ (Sunny Place). It looks like I had entered a new resort with its faults, but also with its very fine new features.

Sunny Beach now
слънчев сега

The hotels became luxurious, the restaurants more glamorous, the entertainment endless! Yes, time had changed. People began to live in a hectic way and ‘Slunchaka’ answered their wishes – Today and Now! Places like Cacao BeachViking and many others, responded to the challenges of the new era, but there were also oases that successfully made a bridge between the past and the present. One bright example is the Khan’s Tent restaurant! The owners managed to preserve the charm of the past and to bring this charm into the present! 

 In all my trips & events I strive to preserve a part of the past and to make a transition to the beauty of the time in which we live. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but with your help I hope to make my product much more interesting and exciting. Share your experiences in this Blog, give suggestions what you expect from my tours, from the resort itself, from the people who work here, things that can be improved and those who need to be changed. This will be your lived memory of the past, your expectations from the present, and our common desire for a better and more beautiful resort in the future.

Life is an amazing journey, and when it is shared, it turns into a warm memory!


From SeeMore.BG Travel Company Team

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