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Dear Traveler,

Let me tell you the story about Bulgaria and why I love this country so much! This is a life time story of exploration, discoveries and dedication to a passion, which turned into a business.

BULGARIA is one of Europe’s most naturally beautiful and diverse destinations.
In the southeastern Balkan Peninsula, this breathtaking country is a natural gem, characterized by soaring mountain scenery, miles and miles of broad golden beaches, colorful culture, warm hospitality that has remained unchanged for centuries.
This beautiful country offers contrast after contrast, from rich cultural traditions, breathtaking mountains, dense forests, to the purpose-built Sea and Ski resorts.

Close your eyes and picture for a moment the soft sand and the glimmering water of the Black Sea, the abundant of snow in our winter resorts, colorful cities and authentic villages. Whatever holiday you’re seeking, this magical country has it all.

Now you can imagine why for someone who loves nature, culture and history, Bulgaria is a fulfill dream.

So everything started when I was a little boy. My mother bought me pair of old ski, so old and so big so it’s difficult for me to imagine how I ski, but I did it. During summer I was walking, yes walking with my skies around the house and during winter was dreaming to finish school to take the bus and to go to our winter resort Borovets skiing. Yes that was my first touch with nature and ever since is growing more and more. Together with that, I developed my passion for history and geography.  This love leads me to the university where I study geography of tourism. Before started the company I was working as a guide, ski instructor and tourist representative.

 Yes I love my country, and I am thankful that 29 years I am able to share my love and passion with you, my dear tourists!

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